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on NOT getting things done…

I’m a sucker for productivity tips, and was just reading yet-another article in this vein, when it hit me: almost all of my “resolves” for 2014 are really about decreasing my productivity.

I want to:

-sleep more

-cook most of my meals at home

-plant a bigger veggie garden

-fret less about money

-read more books

-take long walks

-write for pleasure

-own less stuff

-do yoga, daily

-go camping, monthly

-be a better friend/neighbor/colleague/family member

-live closer to where I work

you get to decide….

I’ve been working on a bucket list of things that I’d like to do.  It’s a crazy list, ranging from easy to impossible.  But it seems worth putting it all down in writing somewhere, to refer to when I get a hankering to pursue a new goal.  If you’re interested, take a look.

So many of the things on this list I would have written off as impossible a few years ago–for example, I can remember when I was 28, telling a friend that I’d never ski again.  Because I was already too old.

Perhaps the gift of turning 40 is the realization that it’s now or never…and simply not letting impossible enter into the equation.

From the “Impossible Manifesto

Excitement comes from not quite knowing what’s coming next. When you travel the road that everyone else paves for you, it’s fairly easy to know what’s next, because they tell you.

When you pave your own, you have no idea. No one has ever done what you’re about to do. You can have reference points from mentors but for the first time in your life, no one is telling you what’s up ahead.

There’s bad news and good news:

The bad news: Nobody can tell you what’s next.
The good news: Nobody can tell you what’s next.

You get to decide.