not so long ago…

Shanghai view, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Two years ago today, I was just returning home from a whirlwind trip to China. It seems so very long ago now!

What I remember well:
–the air: how wet and misty and ethereal it was.
–the food: excellent and scary sometimes (I stopped asking what I was eating and just tried everything. I learned to love SPICY!).
–the shopping: I was so tired of Chinese touristy crappy stuff by the end of the trip–I came home with suitcases nearly empty except for cheongsam for CatGirl and myself and a few trinkets.
–the bathrooms: thinking LAX toilets were just heavenly after 2 weeks of squatters and no TP
–the people: endlessly interesting to watch, to listen to their voices, to attempt communication.
–fun: crazy taxi rides to the night markets with Dora, Mom and new groovy friends
–the massages. ’nuff said there….
–the escape: getting away from everything familiar for enough time to find parts of myself again.


Lingering Garden

Tiger Hill

Summer Palace bridge and lake