what I really want…

From my handwritten journal (written in green ink, no less) on July 17, 2000


I’ve been thinking about what I really want (Though, as I’ve said to John, I am destined to follow on his coattails rather than forging my own destiny):

  • live in the Isle of Man for a period of time; a season, a year, a few years
  • write sometime important
  • study yoga, nutrition and natural healing
  • grow a huge, beautiful flower garden
  • return to school and study literature, women’s studies, and literary history (made that last one up, but surely it exists somewhere)
  • take more trips (holidays) and just wander and meditate in beautiful places
  • try to do things in old fashioned ways i.e. spin wool, weave, quilt, sew, do needlepoint etc
  • get a housekeeper
  • have a “library:” a room in the home totally devoted to the love of and perusal of books


How strange it is to think that I’ve tried my hand at all of those now–except for the Isle of Man part, but I suspect that living in Belgium is close enough  🙂