Make me smile…

-balancing on my right foot in yoga today. for quite awhile. feeling strong. then the good neck pull at the end of yoga. yvette’s hands cool and firm on my shoulders.
-a sushi lunch with John. a ‘healthy crunchy roll.’ my favorite. John & I musing about where we will be in 5 years, reveling in the many possibilities. recognizing that enjoying today is more important than knowing where we will be in the future.
-rain today. splashing through puddles after dropping the kiddoes at school this morning.
-a french vanilla candle burning in the kitchen.
-cracking open the spine of a promising-sounding history book. for discussion in my study group on friday.
-CatGirl wearing her “there are no ordinary cats” shirt.
-a package of tea arriving in the mail recently. starting my day with a cup of vanilla almond tea & toast with creamed honey. knowing that breakfast just doesn’t get any better than that.
-reading RJohn’s post about Regina Spektor and thinking about “taking that love you made and sticking it into someone else’s heart.” Connecting his thoughts to Elise’s powerful post about her deconversion from Mormonism and why, ultimately, love is what really matters. Listening to ‘Samson‘ and singing softly, “he told me that I’d done alright and kissed me till the morning light…” and contemplating the many haircuts that I’ve given to myJohn, “my sweetest downfall.”

7 thoughts on “Make me smile…

  1. journeygal

    Mmmmm….vanilla almond tea on a rainy day like today sounds incredibly comforting. I’ll have to look for that and pick some up for the next time we have a chilly fall day here in Orange County!

  2. jana

    You must come over and have tea with me someday. Vanilla Almond is particularly lovely to share with friends in the mid-afternoon. I’ll make the tea and you can bring biscuits or scones 🙂

  3. ECS

    Hi, Jana – I’ve just started visiting your and John’s blog, and think they are both outstanding. I especially love how you describe your 750 square foot life. I live in an apartment about that size with one other person, and I like how living in such a small place helps us forgo buying lots of clothes (no closet space!) and junk (no room!). I can’t imagine living in such a small space with four people (plus your cute kitties), but millions/billions of people in this world make do with even less space.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the great reading on your blog!

  4. jana

    Thanks ECS. So glad to have you on board! It’s always a thrill to know that someone out there in cyberspace is enjoying our efforts. 🙂

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