Make me smile…

-GameBoy’s holiday orchestra concert. His proud role as first chair of the cello section. His body swaying to the music and the dramatic flourish of his bow at the end of each song. What fervor! Yes, this is my little tap-dancing boy all grown up!
-Christmas cards from sorority sisters, college friends, new-this-year friends, and family. Seeing that we’re all getting just a bit older even though we’re still the same us
-listening to my new favorite podcast, the brief 5 min/day “Writer’s Almanac” by Garrison Keillor, as I wash the dishes by candlelight this morning because our power is out
-making gingerbread creations with Aunt Suz, Chris and Pete the dog yesterday evening. Wondering if there is any way that their masterpiece made it home to Riverside without a nibble from Pete or Chris
-the pumpkin scented candle burning in the kitchen right now. Yum!
-great-grandma’s toffee made by Uncle Dave and Aunt Autumn, sent all the way from North Carolina. Woohoo!