the right remedy

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John‘s got himself some antibiotics and I’m practicing yarn therapy tonite. The pall of sickness seems to be lifting. Thank you for your well-wishes!

5 thoughts on “the right remedy

  1. Sara

    Yarn is really very therapeutic!

    (And I hope you like that particular yarn, at least the two skeins at right in the final shot. You should be getting a closer look at them very soon. I don’t think they’re quite what you meant, but they leapt into my hands when I visited the local yarn basement. It was so obvious that they wanted to come home with me. It would have been rude for me to have put them back.)

  2. jana

    You can’t know how I was hoping that you would say just that! 🙂

    I wish we had local yarn basements. We don’t even have local basements much less ones with yarn…

  3. jana

    PS: TobyJoy just wanted me to let you know that she sends a headbutt and feisty ‘pet-me-now’ purr your way.

  4. Sara

    Meow! hee hee hee

    What we have is a lovely yarn shop with a very dangerous basement full of luscious things like handspun, kettle-dyed wool from Chile.

    Very dangerous. And it isn’t the steep and rickety stairs that get you down there.

    This basement has an even more dangerous back room. It’s hilarious how many levels of naughtiness you can achieve just in this one tiny, hole-in-the-wall-looking shop on a side street in Lexington.

  5. daisies

    glad you are feeling better 🙂 such a beautiful photo …

    i have an amazing yarn store a half block down from my house, it is a gem …

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