Pilgrimclassic: Worship

Originally posted 9/22/2005:

Last night CatGirl spread her homework around on the living room floor. She sprawled her body out in the middle of textbooks, papers, pencils/pens, erasers, etc. As she tapped her toes together while doing math problems, well, it rivaled the most beautiful painting in the Louvre. To see her wholly absorbed in the moment as her pencil moved across the paper, to have her look up at me every once in awhile and confirm a math question. To see the small ringlet curls that had escaped her ponytail, and the way they framed her face.

John, GameBoy and CatGirl can always capture my complete attention. To me they are the most disarmingly beautiful creatures. Perhaps it is sacrilege to say that I worship them. But I do. I devote most of my life in serving and loving these three people. They are my trinity.

It brings to mind a quotation from Mormon apostle Jeffrey Holland that I heard a lot this summer. He said “Heaven just wouldn’t be heaven without my wife and children there.” I agree with him wholeheartedly. But I can also say that, for me, every day is heaven. Because every day I mingle with deity.

2 thoughts on “Pilgrimclassic: Worship

  1. mfranti

    i’m so glad i can read this again after hearing it in your voice this weekend.

    beautiful. amazing.

    i have tears in my eyes-again.

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