made in China

IMG_2437, originally uploaded by mind on fire.
My favorite travel bag is the one that I’m carrying in my right hand in this photo. I bought it in China the morning before I returned to the States. It was $6. I didn’t haggle. It says “ESPBIT” on the logo, which looks just like ESPRIT unless you take a moment to really think about it. It was hard to choose between a red one and the green one–I’m glad I settled on the red.

I needed an extra bag to bring home some trinkets: a wooden dragon for GameBoy, turquoise silk pajamas for Catgirl, a black cheongsam for me, as well as several pouches of jasmine tea. For John I brought a delicately carved “chop” engraved with his name in Chinese.

Now I carry my ESPBIT bag to my outrigger races, to conferences, and just about anywhere else I travel. It’s outlasted nearly every other suitcase that I’ve purchased.