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It feels so luxurious to have a long holiday weekend! I’m loving the time with family and friends–I even played a board game last night for the first time since April! Such indulgence! 🙂

However, this morning I actually got up extra early snuck back to work for a few hours to do some much-needed furniture rearranging. It felt so good to make the changes that I’d been planning for months. Now I just need a few good plants, some artful color on the bookshelf, and some pictures on the walls. It’s amazing how much it’s starting to feel as if my office is actually mine now.

I also am knee-deep in one new web-based project that I’ll be debuting soon–it’s the culmination of many months of thought and planning. I can’t wait to share it with you…

So tell me, what are you doing this holiday weekend?

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  1. Erin G.

    I'm actually putting together the materials for my first Board meeting…but it's for my theater company. That's sort of creative and fun, right? I will take a walk soon. The weather is just gorgeous in NYC today!

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