pilgrim classic: Our House

It seemed time to run this post again–it was orginally published on October 20, 2006. A lot has changed in our home since this video: we’ve moved to a slightly bigger place, we now have a couch, and we no longer own that big table.  But a lot has stayed the same (i.e. BOOKS)…

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve created a brief house tour video.  This is for all those folks who are shocked/amazed/mortified that our family lives in ~750 sq ft of space.  Of course, if we were in Japan, we’d probably have half this space and call ourselves lucky.  But here in SoCal, our ‘living small’ lifestyle is definitely an anomaly.

The tour is limited to half of our home, so you’ll miss about five bookshelves (primarily the kiddos’ books and our magazines and journals). TobyJoy decided not to make an appearance in the show (EllyCat is the star) and John, CatGirl and GameBoy were at school during the tour, so the house is pretty quiet. One note: I mention that the table in the LR is “my desk,” well it’s also the heart of our home. We eat meals, watch movies, play games, read books, pray, and entertain guests around this table. Even as I type this post, John and I are working on our laptops at the table, and CG has a whiteboard that she’s drawing on at the table.

Our home is my very favorite place.  There is a lot of love within these walls.  It’s not fancy, but it’s home.  🙂

PS: kudos to John for helping me to compress the video for youtube!
PPS: Did you notice my oh-so-vintage-cool record player?? I’ll play some of my 80s record collection for you the next time you drop by for a cup of tea 🙂

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  1. Chandelle

    This is how I discovered you way back when! Maybe John posted it, or someone else… but I remember watching this video and loving your small house, and then following you from there. I love small houses. The house where we live now is really too big for my taste — one bedroom too big. I’ve always aspired to live in a yurt. 🙂

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