One of the oddest things about our divorce process is that John and I are managing all of it via Google tools.  We’ve got a shared custody gCal, a googledoc spreadsheet for dividing our assets, and a variety of other documents for managing the details of disentangling our lives.  When I login to googledocs I see all of our divorce-related documents next to the docs I use for teaching and for work.  What a strange sensation that is…

After hearing about our use of google’s collaborative tools for our divorce, a friend jokingly suggested that I should create a  googledoc to crowdsource the qualities that I ought to be looking for in a new partner.

So….here goes!  Feel free to take a look and add your $.02 by clicking on the link above.  I’d love to hear your input on the kind of person you think I ought to be on the lookout for.  Oh, and if you know anyone with all of these qualities, do let me know  😉

4 thoughts on “collaboration

  1. chanson

    I wanted to help, but someone already posted the one I was going to say.

    BTW, I love trains!! I’m not so big on poetry though. Oh, and I’m already married. 😉

  2. janaremy Post author


    In my way of thinking, code is poetry–so you’re probably more of a poet than most people I know 🙂

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