I recently bought a new camera.  My old camera worked fine, but I became increasingly frustrated with its inability to take pictures of people.  I knew I wanted a better photographic record of my life and my kids’ lives, so it seemed time for a bit of an investment in some new equipment.

So far, so good.  There’s a big learning curve when moving from a powershot camera to an SLR.  I’m experimenting and getting things wrong a lot.  But I’m having fun in the process.  There are so many buttons to push and so many features to try!

But most of all, what I’m loving about this camera is the way the light comes through the lenses.  Somehow it makes everything just a bit more glowy and beautiful.  Even I don’t look half bad when viewed through her lens. And my friends look gorgeous, I’d say!

Every morning I meditate by sitting in a shaft of sunlight in the middle of my living room (or if it’s warm enough, I sit on the back porch in the light).  I’m so hungry for warmth and light.  That I can capture it with my camera now, makes it even better.

7 thoughts on “glow…

  1. BWJones

    Oh, you’ve done it now… You made some macro photographs of tulips, the first drug into the world of floral macro photography.

    1. janaremy Post author

      It’s a Canon EOS 50D. I’m looking for a group of people to get together for a photocrawl sometime this spring. Do you want to join in?

  2. Dejah

    Gorgeous photo of the lovely flower there – have fun! You’re already an amazing photographer to begin with!

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