rose garden


On Thursday I was having a day. A day that was full of all kinds of emotions and appointments and things. And so I planned to escape for about an hour late in the afternoon to the rose gardens at the Huntington Library. But my camera battery needed charging and I was trying to coordinate with someone else and my jaunt kept getting delayed. So by the time I headed out to the roses it was almost closing time. I’d counted on sweet-talking my favorite security guards so I could have just 10 minutes in the rose garden, but there were guards on duty who didn’t recognize me and who were not one bit swayed by my smile and plea.

So I left, without even one picture of a flower, much less a rose. Which put me in a bit of a funk.

Until, of course, I remembered that I was in Pasadena.  And it took only a few minutes before there was another rose garden in my viewfinder.

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  1. Kathy

    Hope you are okay. Divorce papers must have some substantial emotional heft, no matter how you feel about the decision. Hang in there, and let those walls crumble a little. You are strong.

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