a decade ago

Ten years ago I’d just started on the path back to school, enrolling in three undergraduate classes at UCI with the intention of eventually applying to graduate school.  Here’s my blogpost about that on my old old blog at enivri.com (courtesy of the wayback machine)…

4 thoughts on “a decade ago

    1. janaremy Post author

      yes, indeed Patrick. It’s exciting to realize that life is so surprising, but also a bit…scary that things can unfold so unpredictably.

  1. Megan

    How did you feel about the ‘mature student’ thing? I thought it wouldn’t matter to me but as I face classes starting in a couple of weeks I’m ridiculously intimidated…

    1. janaremy Post author

      Megan: Few people know I was a “mature student” unless I disclosed my age and family circumstances. Also, in my cohort, mature students were not unusual (there was a nun who was getting a degree after decades in the classroom, a retired military pilot, etc). But also, I think many of us “seasoned” graduate students were even more prepared for the rigors of graduate school than the young pups that were coming straight from undergrad.

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