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Given that today is National Coming Out Day, it seemed time for this post that’s been brewing in my mind (and in my drafts folder) for awhile… 

I’ve spoken a bit about dating and relationships on my blog over the past two years, but largely I’m keeping that part of my life private from my online presence.  The reasons for my doing so are various, but are mostly due to my desire to keep personal things personal (which feels right after having lived such a public life on this blog for several years).  And for the record I’m in a relationship right now, so this post is not intended as an advertisement for a dating partner.

So what I want to say is simply this: since my marriage ended and I began dating again, sometimes I’ve dated men and sometimes I’ve dated women.

Because, what I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I have attraction for many different types of people.  And I’ve also learned that it’s a delightful position to be in, at this middle stage of my life, to have the opportunity to pursue those varied attractions in new relationships.  Yes, there have been a few awkward moments in this process and I’ve experienced a few of the challenges that same-sex couples navigate, but for the most part I live in a community where this simply isn’t an issue.  And for that I’m grateful.  Because I think any of us should be able to follow the path of attraction and love, even when it’s not a typical one.

For those brave people who have fought for GLBTIQ rights and freedoms–for those who have agitated and marched and exited closets only to find yourself homeless or unemployed or bullied, I owe you so much.  Thank you.  Thank you for making this world one in which I am free to pursue romance with whomever I want to, without the fear of consequences.