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live a good story

Recently I came across the Impossible Things blog through the story of the author’s coffeeshop interaction with Russell Kirsch.  I poked around the site a bit and was impressed with the author’s verve.  I’m the kind of person who likes big challenges, and doing “impossible things” seems a great approach to life.

Perhaps what I found most provocative on his site, was this phrase:

Live a good story. Then don’t be afraid to tell people about it.

Because I’m struggling a bit with the telling of my life story these days.  Some days I’m just not interested in sharing–the initial adrenaline rush that came from being all wide-and-open on the internet simply isn’t there for me anymore.  Also, I’m feeling a need to resist the tidy narratives that are often created for my blogposts–the rosy-colored tint of my voice here feeling a bit too saccharine for the realities of my current day-to-day experience.

But there’s some irony in my reticence to share, because quite simply, my life is more interesting and blog-worthy than it ever has been before.  This past year I’ve traveled to more cities than I can hardly recall, had dramatic romantic encounters that would rival anything on the big screen, have supported my kids through some of the most important transitions in their lives, and have welcomed more friends & food & flowers into my daily experience than I could have ever imagined.  All that, while learning being a breadwinner, finishing my doctoral degree, and being at the peak of physical health.

The other day Catgirl stepped into my office and asked me if I was writing my life story yet.  She thinks I have some important stories to tell.  And perhaps that’s just the motivation that I need to get the job done.