one small step…

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new identity now. I’m no longer pilgrimgirl. Well, at least my blog isn’t. 🙂

I’ve opted for a blog name that’s less about my own identity and is more about my life journey: my ‘pilgrimage.’ So the new name is ‘pilgrimsteps.’ This name, at least for me, is more reflective of who I am right now. Still a girl, but even more than that, I am a traveler. I am moving and changing. I am not in the same place today as I was yesterday, or last week, or last year. So from now on, you can type into your browser to find my site.

Wow, that was huge. Really. And so exciting!!

So to shift gears a bit:

My favorite book when I was little: The Poky Little Puppy! That, and The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Classics. Can you believe that the writer only got $75 for writing this, the bestselling children’s book of all time?

Okay, so those MesoAmericans, they knew what they were doing! They started drinking chocolate somewhere between 1400 and 1100 BCE. Now why can’t I remember any chocolate references in The Book of Mormon??? Because of this?

2 thoughts on “one small step…

  1. Sara

    Hey, I’m glad you’re happy!

    We have many, many things to thank the MesoAmericans for. Didn’t they give us coffee, too (not that I would expect the Book of Mormon to mention that, either)?

    Can you imagine Europe without coffee or chocolate? Heck, I can’t imagine my life without coffee or chocolate, let alone this continent or Europe. I don’t think I exist without coffee or chocolate.

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